How does it work?

Lakcom Virtual Home VR-implemented Web site offer consumers an experience that is as close as possible to shopping in a furniture store but from the comfort of their own homes (Via our franchisees).

Our new innovated solution allows users to experience simulated furniture items and try different combinations in a realistic, highly interactive, three-dimensional (3-D) virtual environment. Data for analyzing how users make decisions in setting up a room with furniture items are recorded by our Lakcom Professionals.

How does it work?

1. Register: Sign up into our system and add your address to start shopping. (Sign up)

2. Select Showroom: Browse from our showrooms network and decide which one you want to buy from?

3. Ask for appointment: Ask for appointment to visit our Agent showrooms or ask to have a visit at your address from one of our Lakcom Professionals.

4. Order and Payment: After the Appointment and selecting which products you want to buy; you can choose your Payment method.

5. Tracking: You can track the journey of your products via our system from TURKEY till your address.

6. Delivery to Door: The products will be delivered till your door address and installed as soon as possible.